Best Diets to Start Your Year off Right

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After the holidays, we all set goals for a healthier lifestyle for the new year, this is eating healthy and getting to a workout plan. But for many of us, we don’t stick to this new year’s resolution even past February. How about doing it differently this time around with these best diets, and the following four tips should also keep you on track?

Four helpful tips to start your new year’s diet right

  1. Try and start small, take it slow and couple this with reduced sugary drinks and plenty of water.
  2. 2. Ensure you track your food; remember you are working towards reducing your caloric intake.
  3. Try and be in it to ensure you win it, you didn’t gain the extra pounds overnight, so that means you won’t be able to lose it overnight.
  4. Don’t go in it alone, try and seek support. Find a friend who is getting on the same journey it will help keep you both accountable.

Three best diets to start your year off right

1. Get into the dash diet

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Dash is referred to us the Dietary Approaches to stop Hypertension; this was developed to reduced high blood pressure but still a good option if you are looking to lose some weight. It will reduce the likelihood of getting a chronic disease and also improve your overall health. The diet emphasizes the intake of lean protein, veggies, fruits, low-fat dairy and whole grains. These are the best foods as they are full of calcium, fibre, protein and potassium. In this diet, you will stay clear of foods high in saturated fats, sugary foods and drinks. The diet will offer you nutritionally sound, balanced meals, and accompanied with exercise your body will thank you with wonderful results.

2. Try the flexitarian diet

Balanced nutrition concept for clean eating flexitarian meditteranean diet. Assortment of healthy food ingredients for cooking on a kitchen table. Top view flat lay background

The diet includes two concepts, that is vegetarian and flexibility. Am sure as a meat eater the vegetarian bit has put you off for a minute, but continue reading you will find something helpful. You are still able to eat meat, but a smaller intake than you have been used to. The goal is to reduce the meat intake while you increase the non-meat components—the likes of fruits, veggies, egg protein, peas, beans, whole grains, dairy. Once in a while, when the meat craving kicks in, you can reward yourself with a burger or steak, and after this get back to your diet, remember you need to be in it to win it.

3. A mayo clinic diet

Diet Greek salad in alternative version for people on diet. Nutritious bowl for fit people.

A new year with new weight goals, and if losing weight is all that’s in your mind, then consider this diet option. The diet is all about losing weight and still keeping you healthy. The diet focuses on changing your eating habits, from the bad to good habits thanks to a helpful food pyramid. The pyramid focuses on more intakes of fruits, veggies and whole grains, but have a lower energy density. What this means is you can take in more of these foods without increasing your calorie intake. It also provides you with a good range of proteins, fats and nutrients that will keep you going and still be able to put in 30-60 minutes’ workout per day.


As you get on this healthier lifestyle and attaining your weight goals, you need to remember it is all about balance. You need to balance the amount of energy we take in with the amount of energy you burn out in a day.

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