Ways To Improve Your Health And Wellbeing

Ways To Improve Your Health And Wellbeing Banner Image - Woman doing yoga alone at sunrise with mountain and ocean view

Drink More Water

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This is one of the best things you can do for your health. Water will keep your skin looking great; it will help with your digestion and helps to regulate your temperature. 

Eat More Fruit And Vegetables

If you find it difficult to get enough fruit and veg in then simply try adding more veg to your dinner each night and snacking on fruit. 

Exercise More

Even if it’s just ten minutes each day or going for a walk. Start to add more exercise to your daily routine; it doesn’t mean you have to join a gym, just move more. You could try something like Tai Chi which according to taichiforhealthinstitute.org is the most effective exercise for your entire wellbeing


Two people meditating in the mountains with the sunrise

There are loads of apps now for meditation, so if you have a few minutes on the bus each morning or you listen to a guided meditation before you go to sleep then you’ll see the benefits, just try it. 


Laughing makes you feel really good, so even if you can’t find anything to laugh about, force yourself to laugh, it makes you feel happy. 

Practice Gratitude

Even if you feel like you have nothing to be grateful for, you do. Each night or morning think about three good things that happened that day and then think about all the good things you have in your life. Even at the worst of times, do you have a roof over your head? Food in the cupboard and good people around you. As soon as you start to notice the good in life, you’ll find more. 

Drink Less Alcohol

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Cutting down on your alcohol intake can have so many benefits, it will make you sleep better, be more alert, and you’ll probably lose some weight too. 

Quit Smoking

It’s 2020 and not cool to smoke any more. There are no benefits to smoking at all, so whatever it takes, do your best to beat the addiction and to quit. 

Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can cause all sorts of medical problems, and it can also increase your stress levels, not to mention making you feel and act grumpy each day. 

Try New Things

Hike in the Utah mountains. Hiking in unusual natural landscapes. Fantastic forms sandstone formations.

It’s always good to push yourself and to try new things. One of the best things about trying new things is that you might find something you absolutely love or your really good at. 

Connect With People

It’s so important for your health to be surrounded by people you love and even if you can’t be with them physically right now then connect with them online. 

Keep Learning

It’s always good to keep learning, it keeps your brain active, and again you never know what you’re going to learn. It doesn’t have to be anything academic either; you could sign yourself up to a cooking class or learn to sew. 

Protect Your Skin

Skin care. Hands in close-up

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, and it’s really important to protect it. When you’re in the sun, always use sunscreen and look after yourself by moisturising and being kind to your skin. Your older self will thank you. 

Lose Weight If You Need To

If you are a little overweight, then lose it. Even carrying a bit of extra weight around the middle can cause all sorts of medical issues so cut down on the rubbish food and move more and watch the pounds drop off and you’ll feel so much better and have more energy. 

Read More

Reading is a great way to relax, and it’s also a good form of escapism. Not only that, but you can learn so much from books.

Listen To Music

Woman listening to music in nature

Music can make you feel good and lift your mood.

Spend Time With People You Love

The people you love make you happy, they care about you, will tell you when you’re wrong and help you out when things aren’t going well. 

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