Ideas For Bonbonnieres For A Wedding

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When planning a wedding, there are lots of elements to plan such as the dress, wedding invitations and the reception location but one thing that is becoming more popular is bonbonniere. The tradition of giving a small gift to wedding guests stems back to the Italian tradition of giving sugared almonds in a tulle bag. These days, brides have a wide choice of party favours to give to their guests. Here are 17 bright ideas for bonbonnieres for a wedding:

Handmade Soap

Natural handmade soap with dried flowers and lavender

Why not give your guests cold pressed soaps made from wholesome natural ingredients and botanicals. They can be customised in the style you like to match the theme of your wedding and decorated with ribbons, a pretty soap band, twine or paper and the initials of the bride and groom on the label. Check out Five Girls Soaps. They have many different varieties but some of their most popular are Lavender Lemongrass, Lavender Oatmeal and Geranium Calendula

Luggage Tags

This gift is gaining popularity and there are many designs around. If you are having a beach wedding, why not give Thong luggage tags or for something more traditional, there are luggage tags in the shape of a bride and groom.

Mini Photo Album

It is a very popular trend to give a picture frame that you can also use as a table name tag but why not go one step further and give a mini photo album. You can leave the inside blank and put a disposable camera on the table as well, or fill the book with photos of your engagement or ‘the early days’ of your romance.

Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons

This bonbonniere gift may suit a breakfast or lunch wedding but is sure to be used after. The cute heart shaped measuring spoons will come in handy long after the wedding is over.

Place Card Holders

If you are looking for something simple and elegant, a silver card holder can add a touch of class to your tables. If you are having a wedding overlooking water, try some great Shining Sails Silver Place Card Holders. You could even look at engraving them with your wedding date.

Favour Boxes

Miniature picnic baskets favor boxes filled with truffles

If you want to keep with the original tradition of bonbonniere but with a twist, why not use favour boxes. How about Bride & Groom Boxes that also double as place card holders and can be personalised with all your details. You can add traditional sugared almonds or go for something more modern like freckles, mints or jelly babies. Another idea is to use clear boxes like Champaign bottles and use lollies the colour of your theme.

Candle Tins

Another idea that can be personalised is a candle tin. You can light them on the table to give a great ambience to your wedding reception or keep them as name plates and take away gifts.

Stubby Holders

Maybe you are having a casual backyard wedding reception and you are looking for a gift that is more relaxed and fun. Personalised Stubby Holders are sure to get your friends and family talking. There are lots of designs you can choose from to suit your taste.


This elegant idea is a great way to show your guest you and your partner are now into the next chapter of your lives. They will look beautiful on their boxes on your tables and you can choose a design to suit you like a love heart or  snowflake.

Tea Light Holders

If you like the ideas of candles but are looking for something a little different, try cute birdcage tea light holders that also double as place card holders.

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Wooden traditional salt and pepper shakers on Christmas kitchen counter with stove in bright New Year decorated festive interior with tree branches, cooking Christmas dinner concept

Here is an idea that clearly represents a pair coming together – salt and pepper shakers. Sweet love bird shakers will look refined but still have an element of fun at your reception. A very novel ideas for bonbonnieres for a wedding.

Wedding Cake Boxes

Rather than getting your guests to eat the wedding cake at the reception, why not get the reception staff to package the cake into gorgeous cake boxes (a fee may be involved so be sure to ask when you are planning) and place it on their table at the end of the night to take home. This is a good idea if guests have already eaten a lot and have had dessert.  There are lots of designs and colours, you are sure to find something to fit with your theme.

Tea Spoons

This is an excellent idea if you are on a budget. Simply purchase a tea spoon for each guest like these ones from David Jones or Ikea and tie them with a ribbon and add a thank you note. If your budget can stretch, get them engraves with your and your partners initials or the wedding date.

Mixed CD

Add a mixture of your favourite music (be careful of copy write rules) and songs that mean something to you and your partner. Another way to do a mixed CD is to fill it with photographs of you with your family and friends. If you have someone who is happy to help, get them to take some photos as everyone arrive or at the reception, then burn them to CDs before guests leave. You can easily make your own covers to fit with the look you are going for.


Pick your favourite flower (or herbs or vegetable) and give your guests a packet of seeds that they can plant when they get home. Maybe go for a sweet peas or sweet basil. Visit your local nursery for some advise on what will grow best in your area. Guests with a green thumb will love these ideas for bonbonnieres for a wedding

Candy Buffet

candy bar decorated by delicious sweet buffet with cupcakes, eclairs, sweetness and flowers, and other desserts, candy, Dessert table for a wedding or birthday party

This idea is very interactive and great for the young at heart. You can really go over the top here. Choose sweets that fit with your colour choice for the reception. Find some attractive glass containers at discount variety stores or simply get the professionals to look after the whole thing for you. Wedding Candy Buffet is just one company who specialise in this area.


This idea is at the top end of cost but is certain to be a hit. Wrap a Pashmina (or scarf) around your guests chair and bunch it at the back with a ribbon tie. Add a note like: “If you are feeling coil, please use me and please take me with you too.” This would work very well for an outdoor venue or a winter wedding and is a great ideas for bonbonneire for a wedding.

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