Bright Ideas For Gifts For Mums

Bright Ideas For Gifts For Mums - Portrait of blonde young woman embracing little daughter and smiling holding flowers on Mothers day at home

Need some bright ideas for gifts for mums? Our Mums are the most special people in our lives. Young or old, they all deserve a special gift from you to show them how much they mean to you. We’ve compiles a 17 bright ideas gift guide for the many different types of mums, so there is sure to be something to suit your mum:

Skincare For The Mum Who Needs A Boost

Beauty product and skincare

Treat mum to some great skincare products. ‘Boost’ her current skin care regime with powerful skin care ingredients in their pure form, for a fraction of the cost of similar products on the market. Homepeel has identified and sourced the current top 8 important skin care ingredients, in their purest and most high quality form and for only $49.95 each, make a great gift for mums. Discover which booster is right for your mum – they make great gifts for mums..

Swimwear For The Mum Who Loves Glamour

Female summer swimsuit

Now every mum can feel like a goddess when she goes to the beach or pool this summer. Sirens Swimwear know that all women are unique and with this in mind they have launched another gorgeous collection of 50’s inspired swimwear. The designs channel ’50s glamour personified by fashion icons Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Rita Hayworth. It was a time when women were curvy, elegant and feminine. However, whether you are a luscious plus size or a gorgeous petite, Sirens has a swimsuit for Mum. The hardest part will be picking just one.

An Urban Garden For The Mum Who Would Love A Green Thumb

Collection of various succulents and plants

The perfect gift for Mums who like the idea of gardening but doesn’t have the space is a modular planter specifically designed for growing a wide range of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the urban environment. The Glowpear™ Urban Garden has an iconic, contemporary design aesthetic and durable construction that makes it perfect for balconies, courtyards, decks and patios, while clever design features ensure it is ready for use on any surface, indoor or out.  But best of all, we love the fact that you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to water your plants again. Every Glowpear™ Urban Garden comes with its own integrated self-watering system to ensure your plants thrive, regardless of your busy lifestyle. RRP $199.00

Handcrafted Jewellery For The Mum Who Loves To Shine

Female jeweler inspecting her handcrafted piece

Let your Mum know how much she means to you with an exquisite piece of jewellery from the Najo Collectibles range. Imbued with an enduring quality, Najo Collectibles are sterling silver jewellery pieces, all handcrafted in Mexico by skilled artisan silversmiths. This stunning collection contains beautifully unique pieces designed to be collected, adored, and passed on to future generations.

A Linen Scarf For The Mum Who Loves Fashion

Linen rolls

Who said you had to suffer for fashion? Take a look at Laikonik’s stunning 100% linen, double gauze, two-toned scarf (handmade in Australia). We thick they’d make great gifts for mums. Double gauze has an elegant simplicity and soft feel made possible by ingenious construction. Double gauze drapes like shot cotton or light-weight linen. It wrinkles from wear and has the gorgeous rough linen texture. It is interesting to know the health benefits of flax linen are well documented – since early times, linen has been reputed to possess healing properties. Allergy-free, linen absorbs humidity, allowing the skin to breathe. It can absorb up to 20 times its weight in moisture before feeling damp. Linen is antistatic, antibacterial and, with low elasticity, it won’t deform: wash it over and again without alteration.  Linen just gets better with age.

Lollies For The Mum With A Sweet Tooth

tasty appetizing party accessories

Are you looking for an awesome gift for mum that’s a bit different and guarantees a smile? Take a look at this gift service that is so sweet, you’re sure to find a lolly jar with Mums name on it! (literally!). Lolly Mail allows you to pick and mix any lolly combination to fill your lolly jar, along with your own written message for the label. We have over 75+ varieties of lollies and chocolate to choose from. These personalised lolly and chocolate gifts deliver that personal touch to make your gift even more perfect. And hopefully mum will share with you!

A Beach Tent For The Mum How Loved The Beach

bright yellow tent on the beach

Lovin’ Summer beach tents – Beach loving mums can rejoice, sun protection is now a whole lot more stylish. Lovin’ Summer beach tents provide fresh, fun and fashionable sun protection solution for the whole family. Available in an eye-catching range of contemporary coastal designs, these lightweight, portable beach tents are made from 100% cotton canvas fabric delivering 99% UV protection but just as importantly, set-up is guaranteed “goof proof” with no fiddly knots or complicated instructions to remember. Easily assembled by one person in just a few simple steps, Lovin’ Summer beach tents provide blissful shade for the entire family while providing maximum UV protection and airflow making them terrific gifts for mums. Priced at just $165 with free shipping Australia wide.

A BB Cream For The Mum Who Loves No Fuss Skin Care

bb or cc cream container for branding

Mums get busy so get her a gift that can help her look great, quickly. Organic Airbrush Miracle BB cream is vegan & 100% titanium dioxide free. This Beauty Balm is your one stop shop. It will protect mums skin from the sun, hydrates, moisturises, soothes, conceals, perfects & brightens your complexion all in one easy 30 second application. Perfect for busy Mama’s & those that want a no fuss routine without sacrificing their skin. This is really your go to product, it is smooth, light weight, easy to apply, evens & brightens your complexion & never streaks. It will leave you with glowing luminous skin that makes you look like “you have perfect skin” & not like you are wearing makeup. 

Natural Sunscreen For Mums Who Love The Sun

3 bottles of sunscreen on a light blue background

Mums are the first ones to put sunscreen on kids but maybe they forget about themselves which is why this makes a great gift for mums. Made from only naturally derived ingredients, Natural Instinct’s SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays, and is three hours water resistant. It is made with naturally sourced Zinc Oxide that create a physical barrier from the sun, acting as a mirror and reflecting the skin-harming UV rays. It will also look after Mums skin as it is enriched with jojoba, shea butter, green tea, rosehip and vitamin E, Natural Instinct sunscreen maintains its natural qualities by using zinc oxide rather than harsh chemicals and is available from chemists and health stores Australia wide and online.  RRP $15.95 – 100g RRP $21.95 – 200g

Linen Labels For The Mum Who Want To Get Organised

King Single Size Buttons from Miss Orderly
Miss Orderly Linen Labels – King Single Size Buttons via Miss Orderly Website

Here is a great gift for your Mum if she needs some inspiration to get organised. Does she get annoyed when she pulles out sheets to make a bed only to realise she has pulled out the wrong size? Does she hate having to refold them? Miss Orderly Linen Labels are the perfect quick and easy idea to save time. These quick and durable labels that tag your sheets will help mum with the housework and help her to feel like Martha Stewart so pop them on your gifts for mums list today.

Tea & Candles For The Mum Who Loves A Relaxing Tea Break

cozy composition with tea, teapot, and candle

All mums need a break in the day to sit back and enjoy a quite moment. Paddington Tea gives all tea drinkers an exceptional experience through its sensational aromatics, unique and intriguing flavours. They have made tea that speaks to people’s needs. With the aim to deliver comfort and nourishment to your full satisfaction. To further enhance Mums experience of tea drinking and to bring her on to a more comprehensive aromatic journey, Paddinton Tea decided to step out of the box and pursue something a little bit different – soy candles, all natural room spray and bath salt. No they are not drinkable, but they will certainly make your tea drinking ritual more enjoyable. The Paddington Tea range is available exclusively online, and is an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates the ritual of tea drinking.  All gift sets are available at 25% off RRP and users who register online will receive a $10 voucher to use on Paddington Tea’s website. Paddington Tea also have a loyalty program in place, where customers can earn 1 point for every $10 spent. 1 point is worth $1 in the online store, and can be redeemed on any purchase.

Wheelie Bin Art For The Mum Who Loves To Be Different

Customised Wheeliedesigns bin stickers
Customised Wheeliedesigns bin stickers via Wheeliedesigns official instagram account

If your mum is hard to buy for and you are looking for a quirky gift for the mum that has everything, make her bins beautiful! Take a look at the 100’s of wheelie bin sticker designs online from Wheeliedesigns with designs to suit all types of mums, the garden lover, the artist, the quirky mum or the avid recycler. Wheeliedesigns also provide a ‘make your own’ service which is a great way to reproduce children’s artwork. Their Aussie made products are gift wrapped and are available online from $24.95 + p/h. They are running a 25% off sale on their website until Christmas, simply enter ‘xmas’ as a coupon code in our shopping cart. Visit Wheelie Designs or call 1300 559 008.

Wardrobe Storage Boxes For The Mum Who Dreams Of A Perfect Wardrobe

Organising home storage organisation of home space

Mum will love this new range of beautiful, designed storage boxes and accessories to transform her wardrobe from Sagitine. The stackable, multipurpose boxes are available in three sizes, ideal for shoes, accessories, garments and even gowns and two colour options, classic black and white, to suit any décor. Boxes can be purchased singly or with accompanying stands, which transform the boxes into stylish storage units. Also available is a curated range of accessories including beautiful English made polished horn clothes brushes, cedar blocks, lavender and herb pouches and drawstring muslin bags to keep valuable fabrics safe and sound. 

Haircare For The Mum Who Loves Her Locks

Concept of hair care on white table

If your mum is always looking for haircare products that are kind to her but make her hair look good why not give the Pure Wellness line by FUENTE a try. The range consists of an allergy-free Shampoo and a Care treatment. These are the purest care products in the FUENTE assortment. With them, FUENTE offers the most effective hypo-allergen shampoos and care products. With Pure Wellness, hair and scalp undergo a gentle and ultra-soft treatment. Apart from that, both products are perfume-free in order to prevent allergies. FUENTE is Australia’s unique line of hair care products and are made from natural raw materials and organic extracts thanks to the specific properties of organic-based active ingredients, plus the purest spring water enriched with ions from Laguna Fuente de Piedra in Andalusia, Spain, making them wonderful gifts for mums. 

An Electric Smoking Oven For The Mum Who Loves To Cook

Female open electric oven door

Why not get Mum an electric smoking oven? The Muurikka Electric Smoking Oven is easy to use and healthy. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go. It comes with its own cover, two FREE bags of wood chips and a handy recipe book from leading Scandinavian chef Henri Alén. You can change the wood chips and taste the difference by adding different flavours to fish, meat, cheese or vegetables. Not only does it smoke but it also works as an oven and grill (without the wood chips). RRP is $249 including free delivery to all Australian metro areas.  

Pilates Sessions For The Mum Who Needs To Recharge

Group of people doing mermaid exercise on pilates

Give mum a break and buy her a package of Pilates sessions (or an introductory package). Pilates is a great workout which concentrates on the mind/body connection and builds strength, tone and focus. The Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA) is a not for profit industry body representing over 500 highly qualified Pilates instructors around Australia so check them out for your gifts for mums.

A Retro Apron For The Mum Who Loves To Look Cool When She Cooks

Linen apron

Most mums are in the kitchen everyday, so make that time more special with a one of a kind Metro Retro Apron. Each one is never to be repeated, never to be exactly the same as another. Hope on line and take a look at the designs. If you like something you see, purchase it straight away because it won’t be back – all of these aprons are handcrafted originals and unique! The ideal handmade gift for your one of a kind mum.

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