Bright Ideas To Soothe Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is almost too common in modern society. People of all ages suffer from it, so let’s look at some excellent ways you can soothe this chronic pain!

Get A Massage

Young male therapist doing back massage to a man lying in the white cabinet of the rehabilitation clinic

A deep tissue massage can help break up scar tissue and undo any knots in your lower back. This works wonders and provides an instant and long-lasting relief from pain. 

Stretch Your Lower Back 

There are multiple stretches you can do to ease muscle tension and get rid of tightness in your lower back. The child’s pose is a popular yoga stretch, but feel free to experiment with others. 

Stretch Your Hip Flexors

Sometimes, back pain is caused by tight hip flexors. Get into a lunge position to stretch the front of your thigh and ease tension on your back. 

Stand Up More

Avoid sitting down if you want to ease back pain. Try to get up and walk around every 30-60 minutes as it will stop your back from feeling tense. 

Use A Massage Ball

kid holding massage ball physical therapy and massage

You can buy massage balls that are excellent at delivering home massages. All you have to do is lie on the ball and roll around until you feel the tension ease. 

Get A Back Support Cushion For Your Chair

Back support cushions force your spine into its natural alignment. This prevents the aggressive arch in your lower back that causes so much back pain. 

Try Vibration Therapy

Buy a massage device that’s placed on your lower back and vibrates. This eases tension in the muscles and gives instant relief. 

Heat Therapy

You can buy different sprays or creams that apply heat to your lower back. You’ll get a warm sensation that wakes up the muscles and melts away any soreness and tension. 

Go Swimming

Young woman swimming underwater

Swimming is shown to help with chronic back pain as it’s easy on the joints and gets your abs and glutes working hard!

Visit A Back Pain Specialist

Get help from an osteopathy clinic if you want professional treatment for back pain. They can identify the cause of your problems and work on finding the perfect solution for long-lasting pain relief. 

Strengthen Your Butt Muscles

Do exercises like glute bridges to strengthen your butt muscles. A weak butt is usually associated with back pain as you pull your hips out of alignment.

Strengthen Your Abs

Similarly, strong abs will protect your lower back and stop the spine/hips from going out of place. 

Change Your Mattress

The young man lay down on the bed, trying the mattress for softness in the store. Buying a bed and bedding.

An old mattress can be the cause of your back pain. Swap it out for something that offers more support, improving your sleep quality and easing any tension. 

Improve Your Work Setup

Create an ergonomic workstation that lets you form the perfect posture. This will stop lots of nagging back pain that you feel every single day. 

Start Meditating

Meditate in the morning and evening to encourage your muscles to relax. Visualise each muscle relaxing and getting rid of its tension – you’ll be surprised at how effective this is. 

Protect Your Back

Stop doing things that aggravate back pain – like lifting heavy objects! Also, learn how to lift safely to protect your back and stop the pain from getting worse. 

Lie Down

Young Chinese woman lying on bed

This is a tip for anyone that feels bursts of pain throughout the day. It won’t cure your problem, but it does take the tension out of your back and lets the muscles relax. 

Try all 17 of these bright ideas to ease lower back pain. Some of these tips will target long-term relief, while others are fantastic at providing quick answers to your pain. Remember to always speak with your health professional before you begin any exercise or health program.

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