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When it comes to Nars Foundation, there is – admittedly – a lot to know! Undoubtedly one of the top-selling luxury cosmetic brands – renowned for their complexion smoothing, brightening, hydrating, and mattifying makeup formulas – Nars Cosmetics boasts a wide range of foundation types and textures to suit virtually any skin type. So whether your complexion is oily, dry, or a combination – you are missing out if you have not yet tried Nars Foundation to blur your imperfections, add radiance and glow to your facial features, and smooth, mattify, and balance out your skin! 

But before you buy, several questions need to be answered. For makeup novices in particular – the Nars Foundation range can be daunting! Importantly, Nars Foundation is not just limited to one product. Instead, the brand offers multiple types of foundation formulas – including Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation, Nars Light Reflecting Foundation, Nars Soft Matte Complete Foundation, and Nars Sheer Glow Foundation – that all differ in consistency and texture, as well as their finishes on the skin. 

Fortunately, our Ultimate Nars Foundation FAQ will put you in the know of all the features, benefits, and ins and outs of this popular makeup brand and its various foundation formulas. Just read on to learn more!

The Lowdown: Nars Foundation FAQ

Question 1. Is Nars Foundation Water-Based?

The question on everyone’s lips: is Nars foundation oil or water-based? Of course, to answer this, we would need to ascertain – is Nars foundation oil-based, or is Nars foundation oil-free. Admittedly, with so many different foundation types on offer, it can be confusing to uncover exactly which element is at the base of these formulas. So, what base is Nars Foundation? 

In short, the answer to this question depends on which type of Nars foundation you are choosing. Nars Light Reflecting Foundation, for instance, is water-based – making it more lightweight and natural in the finish on the skin. Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation is also oil-free. Nars Soft Matte Complete Foundation, on the other hand, is silicone based – making it ideal for skin-blurring finishes on oilier complexions. 

Question 2. Is Nars Light Reflecting Foundation Good For Dry Skin?

Is Nars foundation good for dry skin? To be fair, this also depends on which formula of Nars Foundation you select! For example, foundation wearers with drier complexions are advised to go for water-based formulas. As such, Nars Light Reflecting Foundation and Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation would be the best picks for dry skin. Further, if your skin is dry, you may also want to know – is Nars foundation good for mature skin? Certainly, older skin types can still wear Nars foundation. The key is to build thin, breathable layers onto the face, as too much coverage can cause the product to settle into fine lines and wrinkles – making the skin appear older!

Question 3. Is Nars Foundation Non-comedogenic?

Firstly, what is a non-comedogenic foundation formula? Essentially, this is a product that does not block, clog or irritate the pores of the skin. This is because it is unlikely to contain harsh chemicals or fragrances that can irritate. There is nothing worth more than clogged pores! Fortunately, Nars Foundation’s lightweight, breathable formulas mean that your skin won’t feel overly blocked or clogged up when wearing the product. As such, yes – Nars Foundation – including Nars Soft Matte Foundation, Nars Light Reflecting Foundation, and Nars Natural Radiant Foundation, is non-comedogenic.

Question 4. Does Nars Foundation Cause Breakouts?

For foundation fiends with problem skin, you will want to know – is Nars foundation good for acne-prone skin? Also, is nars foundation good for oily skin? Again, if you are choosing water-based foundation formulas, you are less likely to cause irritation or breakouts on the skin. If you are more concerned with minimising oiliness and shine, however, you may want to try the silicone-based Nars Soft Matte Complete Foundation instead.

Question 5. Does Nars Foundation Come With a Pump?

This is a question on many potential Nars foundation buyers’ lips! In particular, many of us want to know – does nars light reflecting foundation come with a pump? Another question you may be asking is – does the Nars foundation pump fit Mac? Lastly, you may also want to know how to close a Nars Foundation bottle. It is important to note here that Nars foundation pumps are available for purchase separately from the foundation product itself. As such, the standard Nars foundation bottle comes with a closeable lid, but not a pump. While it is advisable to purchase the pump for ease of dispensing the product – unfortunately the Nars foundation pumps are designed to fit Nars bottles only, meaning they are unlikely to fit other products – including Mac. 

Question 6. Does Nars Foundation Oxidize?

If you’re interested in learning more about this particular concern, you may also be asking – does Nars Light Reflecting Foundation oxidize? Or, does Nars Radiant Foundation oxidize? 

But first, what exactly is oxidation, and what causes it to happen? To clarify, oxidation will happen when ingredients contained in the foundation formula react with other elements – such as the skin’s natural oils, or moisture in the air. This can then cause the foundation to darken or turn an unsightly orange colour. As such, it is important to choose a quality foundation formula that is not likely to do this! In short, Nars Foundation is an excellent choice when wanting to avoid any oxidation.  

Question 7. Does Nars Foundation Have SPF?

If you ask a dermatologist or skincare expert, SPF is an essential ingredient to any good skincare routine. However, it can be difficult to remember to apply SPF to the face every day. As such, using a foundation product which already contains SPF is an easy way to bypass this step and ensure that you are getting your daily UV ray-blocking needs! To answer your question – yes, the Nars Foundation contains SPF. However, this is likely to only be a lower SPF grade to ensure that the product is breathable and lightweight on the skin. As such, it is recommended to wear stronger sunscreen on top, if spending a large amount of time outdoors. 


Outlines the main features and benefits of Nars foundation, and answers several frequently asked questions about the product.

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