How Long Do Wax Melts Last?

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The bible for purchasing and using wax melts

Many of us want the luxurious, spa-like feel of an aromatic home. For some of us, the aim is to create a calm environment to relax in after the day is done and dusted. For others, a pick-me-up might be needed on an otherwise dreary morning. No matter what your needs are, scented wax melts are an excellent option for home fragrance that lasts, while keeping costs on the lower side. The longevity of wax melts will vary depending on a range of variables, including size, quality of wax and fragrance, as well as how you use them. Here is a comprehensive guide to buying right the first time, and to getting maximum reward out of your chosen melt.

What Are Wax Melts?

Wax melts are wickless, and therefore flameless, chunks of scented wax that often come variously shaped. They can be made from different substances, fats and oils including beeswax, soy wax, coconut wax, palm oil, paraffin and gel. Typically, cheaper wax melts will include paraffin wax – a very inexpensive ingredient – as its ‘solid.’ However, when choosing a melt that holds its fragrance and lasts, many will urge consumers away from those containing this ingredient. Not only does paraffin wax emit a yucky soot and inhibit scent throw, but it also contains known carcinogens such as benzene. A high quality melt should be made from a wax product derived from bees, soy or coconut for greater payoff without the health-compromising drawbacks.

‘Scent Throw’ and What You Need to Know

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While scent notes describe how a candle or melt will smell, scent throw refers to the intensity of a wax melt’s fragrance. In short, the suggested scent throw is a good indicator of how faintly or strongly the product’s perfume will float through the air – as well as how far it will permeate (think: are you looking to fill one room, or are you wanting unity across the home?) A few factors can impact scent throw, including the percentage of contained fragrance, as well as size and type of wax used to make the melt. For a wax melt to last in the air, you will want to opt for a high-quality, small-batch product in which fragrance oils, such as essential oils, are added at the correct temperature. Scent throw is particularly important when choosing wax melts for larger spaces. Well-made melts will have a strong scent throw even when ‘cold,’ that is, unwarmed and solid. A good tip is to look for a creator who is passionate about what they do, like some of the folks over at Etsy.

How To Use

To use a wax melt, you will need a heat source. Burners or warmers come in several types, including ceramic tealight burners, electric warmers, hotplates and plug-ins. Your most expensive outlay will be an investment in a good wax warmer that you can keep for life. In the world of wax, many sing the praises of the electric wax warmer – which you can even plug into a smart outlet to control remotely. Electric burners will typically be heated with a halogen bulb, or contain a built-in hotplate. Look for a heat source that can be adjusted, for example you may want a higher temperature to fill a larger room with one melt. Place your chosen melt into the well of your chosen burner, and be sure to allow the melt to liquefy completely to avoid tunneling or premature dissipation of the fragrance. A general rule of thumb is to avoid having your melt rapidly oscillate between warm and cold if you are wanting the most out of each segment. Once your melt begins to lose its strength, simply pop it out and replace with another. 

Cost Effectiveness: Bang For Your Buck

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Wax melts that radiate a strong perfume consistently are far better on the hip-pocket nerve than ordinary candles, which can often be more costly, will give off soot, are fire hazards and aren’t as convenient. Another attractive bonus to wax melts is a fun one: you can mix it up! In the community, they call this ‘mixology.’ The possibilities are endless for scent selection, as wax melts can be broken up and patched together to create sensory heaven. Wax melts will last longer per melt versus candles containing the same volume of wax, with greater control over your scent throw. On average, one segment will last anywhere between 12-18 hours of ‘burn time,’ some burn for up to 60 hours per pod, and some sellers even boast products that can last up to 100 hours! Not all wax melts are created equal, so shop mindfully to suit your preferences.

All in all, wax melts are the go-to option for lasting home fragrance as compared to traditional candles. If you are looking for a solution to the revolving door that candle-buying can become, melts are a cost effective avenue to explore that also allow you to adjust your home’s ambience as your needs change. To ensure you get the most out of your purchase, start with a high quality burner that offers greater control over temperature. When buying melts, look for those made with high quality wax products, or those that contain naturally occurring waxes like soy and coconut, and avoid paraffin wax if you are health conscious. Get creative and push the life of your melts out by mixing and matching your favourite scents from different wax melt clams. And enjoy!

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